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Combo | Laundry Pods | Fragrance Free and Morning Dew | Pack of 2

Combo | Laundry Pods | Fragrance Free and Morning Dew | Pack of 2

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If you prefer your clothes to be without fragrance, then our fragrance-free pods are a perfect solution. Fragrance-free for those sensitive to scents, making them ideal for those with hypoallergenic needs, eczema, or sensitive skin, including babies and kids.

Our Morning Dew laundry pod is the scent of a new day - fresh, hopeful, and filled with possibilities.

Hapiso pods give your clothes a good clean without damaging the fabrics, remove stubborn stains, and help to keep your clothes looking brighter and newer for longer, the whites look whiter (and not white-ish)! You’ll notice zero residue after washing the clothes and even in the machine.

  • Hapiso 5-in-1 laundry detergent pods clean better, brighten colors & whites, and soften your clothes.
  • Long-lasting fragrance from essential oils.
  • Tough on stains while being gentle on your clothes.
  • Convenient, easy to use and pre-measured. 1 pod = 1 full load.
  • Each pod is fully dissolvable in water.
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • Chemical Free: Sulphate Free | Phosphate Free | Paraben Free
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable, fully compostable packaging.
  • Plant-based and zero waste - good for you and the environment!

It is a zero-waste and eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid and powder detergents on the market.

Save money & time with 5-in-1 Hapiso laundry detergent pods. Our product combines detergent, stain remover, fragrance, and fabric conditioner, all in one! They provide a hassle-free, pre-measured solution, eliminating the need for messy measuring cups and reducing the need to purchase multiple products separately.

Hapiso laundry pods remove all types of stains: ketchup, mustard, blood, sweat, urine, baby food, egg, coffee, grass, and more.

Works in all types of washing machines, front loader, top loader, and semi-automatic washing machines including high-efficiency(HE) washing machines to deliver high-quality results for dark colors, black, whites, linen, delicates, and more.

What is the film on pods made of?

The pod film fully dissolves when mixed with water in your washing machine. It is made from a biodegradable polyvinyl film. The outside film is water-soluble, dissolving at all water temperatures. When mixed with water, the pods dissolve and disperse detergent throughout the wash.

Hapiso laundry pods are packed in a bio-degradable & fully compostable box which means it is plastic-free, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your household.

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  • Cleaner. Whiter.Brighter.

  • Plant-Based

  • Bio-Degradable & fully compostable packaging

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How to use

Step 1: Pop the pod into the washing machine drum.

Step 2: Load the laundry. Press start.

Step 3: Fresh, fragrant and clean clothes are ready.

1 pod = 1 full load of regular laundry. Use 2 pods for extra soiled laundry.

Use for washing machine only. 

Use with dry hands.

Store the pods in a cool dry place. Use with dry hands.

Do not puncture, cut or break the pods.


Nonionic Surfactant, Anionic Surfactant, Optical Brightener, Diluent, other ingredients. Essential Oils in Fragrance Pods.


Pods are suitable for all kinds of laundry - Regular laundry, athletic wear, linen, towels and so on. 

Not advisable to use for clothes with dry clean only wash care label instructions.

Made in India

Hapiso laundry pods are formulated and made in India. 

The pods are HE compatible and tested in our third party labs.

Every bit counts

Each time you use Hapiso Laundry Pods, you are contributing to a greener planet and reducing non-recycled plastic from ending up in landfills.

Using Laundry pods leads to a 47% reduction in plastic waste. 

Leads to a yearly saving of 35 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions from fuel for every 1 lakh household adopting pods. 

Using laundry pods reduces the need for water treatment: 15.3 lakhs saved annually *considering the consumption of liquid laundry of 1 lakh households annually. 

We hope that more and more consumers seek environmentally friendly solutions in everyday life and eco-consciousness becomes part of the lifestyle.


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