• What started out as us being curious about why doing laundry couldn’t be effective, easy and also eco-responsible all at the same time - led us here.

    The last few years have taught us, now more than ever, that we have to care more deeply about the impact we all create by the choices we make - small and big - because it all adds up. We practice simple methods to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic but we should do more! Even though we segregate wet and dry waste, rinse bottles before we trash them, we aren’t really sure if they get recycled. So we wondered, what if we didn’t have to live with that guilt without compromising on a quality product? Some research and many months of product development later, Hapiso was born.

Vipul Chaturvedi, Founder

Over the last 16 years, working across retail, private brands and then eco-responsible roles in renewable energy, developing products for electric vehicles and water management, Vipul felt the need for everyday products to be more eco-responsible and affordable at the same time.

The last few years, more than ever before, we have all reflected about how we want to impact the world around us. It was during this time, Vipul became even more cognizant of materials that are not recycled and end up in landfills or contaminate water bodies.

It was this moment, that was the beginning of Hapiso.

‘Everyone is motivated by a purpose. At Hapiso, we are motivated by making a difference, moving the needle and being a better alternative. With good, green products - we want to show that consumerism can also be responsible while being easy, effective and accessible. We have only just begun and hope to bring you more products that are good for you and the Earth. Choose consciously - whether it’s homecare or anything else. Just start.’

Hapiso’s cheerleaders

At Hapiso, we have a lot of friends and advisors who have helped us in moving forward - industry experts, D2C business founders, marketing experts, financial advisors, design experts and many many special friends who helped us with product feedback over and over till we perfected Hapiso. Thank you for hopping on when we need you :) You know who you are. 

  • Our Vision

    Hapiso's vision is to offer products that are safe and leave us feeling zero guilt about consuming them. We want these products to be accessible, so adopting an eco-responsible lifestyle is easy and possible for many more.

  • Our Technology

    Hapiso uses a modern technology that helps to package pre-measured plant based formulation (packed in a fully dissolvable PVA film) that is adequate for a load of laundry in the washing (6-7kgs) so you no longer overdose your clothes, preserving the fabric and keeping your clothes looking brighter for longer. 

Gentle for your clothes Gentle for the planet

Sulphate Free
Phosphate Free
Paraben Free

Our environmental commitment

Our packaging materials are 100% recyclable, and
our products are made in India, eliminating unnecessary
transport emissions.