Diwali wardrobe cleaning tips for tidy closet: Diwali safai made easy

Diwali wardrobe cleaning tips for tidy closet: Diwali safai made easy

Diwali, the festival of lights, is not just about lighting lamps and exchanging gifts, it's also a time for Diwali safai, or deep cleaning, to welcome the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, into our homes. As part of this tradition, one area that often gets overlooked is our wardrobe. Diwali cleaning isn't complete without organizing and tidying up your wardrobe.

In this blog, we'll explore some Diwali cleaning tips and hacks to help you clean, organize, and make the most of your wardrobe and to make the process even easier, we'll introduce you to hapiso laundry pods, your perfect cleaning companion this festive season.

Why is wardrobe cleaning on Diwali important?

Our wardrobes are often neglected when it comes to cleaning during Diwali, but there are compelling reasons why you should include them in your festive cleaning routine:

  • Festive cleaning sets the right mood: When your wardrobe is in chaos, finding the right outfit for those special Diwali gatherings can be stressful. Often you forget about some of the wonderful pieces of clothing in your wardrobe and end up buying new clothes. But if your wardrobe is organized, clothes are regularly used and maintained using Hapiso laundry pods - it makes dressing up fun. It saves you from unnecessary purchases and thereby, money saved is money earned. Mixing and matching can be fun!
  • Create space for new beginnings: Diwali is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, by decluttering your wardrobe, you'll have space for new clothes, symbolizing the start of a prosperous year ahead.
  • Peace and serenity: An organized closet can bring a sense of peace and serenity to your daily routine. Knowing where everything is makes getting ready each morning a more pleasant experience. And underrated activity with tremendous benefits!

Types of wardrobe cleaning

  1. Deep cleaning: This involves taking everything out of your wardrobe, cleaning the shelves and rods, and only putting back items you want to keep.
  2. Seasonal sorting: Divide your clothes into categories based on seasons. store off-season clothes in storage bags or containers. If they need a quick wash to leave them smelling fresh, especially whites from discolouring, before storing, a spin in the machine with a Hapiso Laundry pod is a good way to do it!
  3. Organizing by occasion: Arrange your clothes by occasion (e.g., casual, formal, ethnic) to make it easier to pick an outfit for various Diwali events.

What you need for a good wardrobe cleaning

Before you dive into cleaning your wardrobe this Diwali, make sure you have the following:

  1. Storage solutions: Invest in hangers, shelves, and storage bins to keep your clothes organized.
  2. Cleaning supplies: Gather cleaning materials like a vacuum cleaner, and dust cloths for cleaning the wardrobe interior. A pro tip: Don’t buy new dusty clothes - old socks are not useful because of loose elastic bands or old cotton shirts and t-shirts are the best. And old handle towels too! They absorb well!
  3. Hapiso laundry pods: These pods are designed to effectively clean your clothes and leave them smelling fresh.
  4. Donate or dispose of bags: Prepare bags or boxes for items you want to donate or throw away. A lot of people cannot afford new clothes but would like to have something different for Diwali.

Here are some handy links to where you can donate:

https://rimagined.com/ in Bangalore
https://silaiwali.com/ in Delhi converts clothes to beautiful dolls for profit for a cause

How to clean your wardrobe effectively for Diwali

  1. Start sorting your wardrobe

  2. Diwali ki safai begins with decluttering. Start by taking out all your clothes and laying them out. Sort them into three piles: keep, donate, and discard. Only keep items that you genuinely use and love. Use Hapiso laundry pods to clean the keep pile, ensuring everything is fresh and ready to wear. These pods remove stains and leave your clothes looking brighter, smelling fresh, and clean, setting the perfect foundation for an organized wardrobe.

    Donate clothes that are in good condition but no longer needed, and discard worn-out or damaged items. This process will create more space and make your wardrobe feel lighter.

  3. Clean your closet

  4. Once your wardrobe is empty, give it a thorough cleaning. Wipe down all surfaces, vacuum the corners, and dust the shelves. A clean wardrobe will keep your clothes fresh and odour-free.

  5. Organize your keep pile

  6. Begin with the 'keep' pile. Sort your clothes by category (e.g., shirts, pants, dresses) and then by colour. Use Hapiso laundry pods to wash any clothes that need cleaning. They are convenient and mess-free, and ensure your clothes are cleaned effectively. Simply pop a pod in the washing machine, add your clothes, and let Hapiso do the rest. Your clothes will come out fresh and clean, ready to be organized back into your wardrobe.

  7. Invest in wardrobe organizers

  8. Consider using wardrobe organizers like hangers, shelves, and drawers to maximize your closet space. Hanging clothes that wrinkle easily and folding others can help you find items more easily. Use hangers for items that shouldn't be folded, like dresses and blouses. Fold and stack your casual wear neatly. Consider using storage bins or baskets for accessories, scarves, or small items that tend to get lost. Make the most of your closet space by using hooks or pegs on the inside of the closet door for belts, bags, or jewellery. You can also use under-shelf organizers to maximize vertical space for shoes or folded clothes.

  9. Label and arrange

  10. Label your shelves or drawers so you know where everything belongs. This will make it easier to maintain your organized wardrobe in the long run. Arrange your clothes so that the most frequently used items are at eye level.

  11. Rotate seasonal clothing

  12. Diwali is an excellent time to switch out seasonal clothing. Store out-of-season items in reusable vacuum-sealed bags or under your bed to free up space for your current wardrobe. Keep your most-used and seasonal clothes at eye level. Use Hapiso laundry pods to refresh clothes you haven't worn.

  13. Maintain regularly

  14. Finally, make wardrobe cleaning and organization a regular habit. Set aside a few minutes each week to straighten up your closet and make sure it stays organized. Put away clothes that are out of place, and ensure they are clean and fresh with Hapiso laundry pods. Once cleaned, maintain your wardrobe by putting items back in their designated spots.


This Diwali, let's go beyond just cleaning our homes and extend our efforts to clean and organize our wardrobes. A clean, organized closet can bring a sense of peace, order, and positivity to our daily lives. With these Diwali cleaning tips and hacks, and with the help of Hapiso laundry pods, you can have a wardrobe that's ready for the festive season. So, roll up your sleeves, get ready for some Diwali safai, and transform your wardrobe into a clutter-free haven of style and serenity.

Share these wardrobe cleaning tips with your friends and family so they can also have an organized closet for Diwali. Happy Diwali and happy wardrobe organizing!


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